Here comes Emily, the one that brad picked in the last season of the Bachelor. Emily and Brad were hounded and they kept their silence during the entire time. They didn't make it.

She ends up still being single and she actually was very nervous coming on television to discuss the relationship.

They ended up during the interview in the same house where they did the show. She had a ton of emotion, she complimented Brad as such a gentleman. She said they are not engaged any more. She could barely hold back the tears.

She said for so long that they left the dot, dot, dot. She even said she's still in love with Brad.

Chris asked the million dollar question, what went wrong.

She said the day he proposed she was so excited and was going to move to Austin in an apartment in Austin. She said little red flags came up in her relationship and she realized that the want to be married, overshadowed the reality of the relationship.

She said she didn't have the reassurance that the relationship was going to last forever. She had to take a step back.

She said what's happening is here worst nightmare. She's clearly crushed.

Obviously she doesn't want the press chasing her, she just wants to go live her life without the attention. She came on the show so she could say her part and then be done.

I don't think it's over, they are going to want more from her. I also don't think she will be able to give them what they want. It's the dirt and that's the end of it.

Emily needs to let go of her hurt, and just move on. Forget about what the press says and let go. She can't control them.

Good luck Emily and stay clear of an idiot named Bentley.