Justin Koehneke and Seth Friedman pitch their product, Bottle Bright in Shark Tank Season 6. Bottle Bright gets to the places where your portable drinkware develops stains.

Bottle Bright is a tablet you drop in and cleans your bottle

The product is an effervescent cleaning tablet that removes stains and odors from portable drink wear.

Justin and Seth demonstrate how easy it is to clean your drinking bottle. Take the tablet and drop it in your container already filled with water, and let it work. Then discard the water and tablet, rinse, and you have a fresh and clean bottle.

Bottle Bright tablets is an all natural product which is mineral or organic based.

Justin and Seth have sales of around three hundred thousand dollars. They have private labeled their product under another brand.

The cost for a ten pack pouch is seventy-nine cents. They wholesale it for $2.99, and they retail Bright Bottle for $5.99.

They had a large private label run and ended up eating a $100,000 order that ended up damaged.

Bottle Bright Episode Statistics

Company: Bottle Bright
Entrepreneurs: Justin Koehneke and Seth Friedman
Ask: $75,000 for 15% equity
Companies in this episode: Scratch and Grain Baking Co., EvRewares, VestPakz, Bottle Bright
Season 6 Episode 614
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
First Aired: 01/13/2015
Deal: Lori Greiner, $75,000 for 33.3%

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Bottle Bright?

  • Mark Cuban said they come across as being desperate. Mark senses desperation, and that is a huge negative. He is out.
  • Barbara Corcoran says they created enormous mistrust losing $100,000 in year three. She is out.
  • Kevin O'Leary tells them to shoot it because they have not made a profit in three years, he is out.
  • Lori Greiner wants to know what they want to use the $75,000. The answer is for administration. Lori sees that as the worst waste of the investment. Lori says she does not agree with a lot of the comments made in their pitch. She is offering the $75,000 for 33.3%. The money is to go to purchase orders, not administration. She wants to take it to Bed, Bath and Beyond. The countered at 25%, but Lori does not budge. They agree to the deal.
  • Robert Herjavec has a challenge in that they have not proven demand. They might have a better solution, but it is a real challenge to educate the consumer. He is out.

After Shark Tank – Bottle Bright

Bottle Bright sold in Bed, Bath and Beyond, however, the product is no longer available in the online shop. You can get Bottle Bright on Amazon.