We bloggers are notorious for jumping in without first having a plan. I do it, and just about everybody I know does it. That’s the wrong strategy. That’s why I’m writing this guide.  I want to have this as my roadmap. Because I enjoy sharing, I’m including you in on this document as well. You get to see my plan in action.

Many people think planning will slow down the process. It doesn’t. It actually speeds it up and increases our chances of success. That’s because with a plan we can measure our progress. We know where we’re at all times making it easy to course correct when we get off track, which will often happen.

Most bloggers don’t like competition. I however, thrive on competition. That means there are people who will read and likely buy. Sure, it’s harder to rank for your target keywords with competition, but that’s why we plan. We come at our topic from a different angle than the other bloggers do.

We focus on building a foundation first, working our way up to the trends, but not until we have a base in place making our content relevant.  We have to cover everything that connects to our target niche.  We actually don’t want the people who are going to our competitor’s blog until we have what they are searching for. After all, what good is breaking news if we have no audience to read it?

We don’t want drive-by readers. They are too expensive. They often are the people looking for the free stuff and won’t spend any money. We want loyal readers who will take action. They are the ones that will make us money and help our reputations.

When we chase drive-by readers, we are chasing money. When we attract readers who dig deeper, we let money come to us. Don’t chase the money, let the money come to you. This strategy appears to take more time, but it’s actually faster, it does take more patience.

Planning keeps us from changing course after we start our blogs. This happens to the best of all bloggers. The great ones simply add a new blog, focusing on the second topic instead of undoing the hard work they’ve done up to this point. You keep from diluting your content, instead, your creating a new opportunity with the additional blog.

Of course, at first, you should focus at being successful with one blog before starting the second blog.  Just think of the old saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

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