The first step in 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is smart. You’re defining who you are and why you’re doing what you do. Too many people start businesses or blogs without defining where they are going.

I’ve done the first task many times in my life as a serial entrepreneur and I have to tell you, it is something that can never be reviewed too many times. Every time you go through the process you and your business get better.

Some people will only spend a few minutes on this task and think that they are done.  You are not taking your blog or business seriously if you do. This simple process is your opportunity to bring incredible clarity and definition.

When you complete the first step, find someone that has no idea what you’re doing. See if you can communicate what you’re doing and have them easily understand your idea. If they don’t get it, you need to go back to work and review the process that ProBlogger defined.

You may have already done the first step in the ProBlogger eBook, even if you have, you will know that it’s a great idea to return and review the process. You’ll find new strategies that help you better think about how you can improve your work.

You may even find that this task gets reviewed frequently, especially when you’re first starting out in blogging or in business period.

This is really a marketing strategy that will help you in many ways more than one, but you have to be willing to apply it in every area that you are able to use it. Open your mind and be ready to put this strategy into action.

You have to look at value over the long period, not just over a short term. Defining who you are will sustain an audience. You will stay focused and be a better blogger even after Day 1!