The best way of making money is making money doing what you love to do. Practically every business I have started is due to doing something that I have enjoyed doing. It's never really been about the money.

The more I have focused on what I love to do, the easier it has been to make money. The less I worry about money, the more money I make! When I have started to worry about the money, is when the money became a problem and I quit doing what I loved to do.

Whatever you choose to do, you have to understand that focusing on the best ways to make money is really not the right strategy and you should be focusing on the best ways to do what you love to do. If you can do that successfully, you will make plenty of money, and after all, money really isn't the objective that everyone is after, it is what it can do to help you live the life that you want to live.

Some of the best ways of making money and doing the things I love to do, include marketing products and services online.

Take eBay for example, I have made a ton of money through eBay over the years. All you have to do is be able to find sources to buy new or used products at a better price than you can get on eBay. I have done it with antiques, cars, art and more. Whatever your hobby is, find a resource to get inventory at a price considerably better and you have an easy way to start in online commerce.

Of course you can always write an eBook on something that you know a lot about and then sell that online as well. Part of that process is first using your blog to establish credibility in a given area and once that is done, you are well on your way to be able to sell your knowledge.

I could go on forever with additional strategies, but the bottom line is that the best ways of making money happen when you take positive action towards making your dreams come true…