Have you been thinking about what the best online channel for business marketing is? LinkedIn is my favorite for making business connections, but it depends on what type of market you have.

Social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk utilizes Facebook live, and YouTube to push daily videos. Gary is on other social media platforms as well and is a leader in new offerings. Gary is publishing content multiple times a day, and uses a mix of brand new material with previously recorded work.


LinkedIn is my best online channel for business marketing

As I said before, I love LinkedIn. My profile needs updating, but it still works. What will happen when I have that profile updated? Hopefully a lot of new business!

My business partner, Shawn Graham and I are using videos to promote GodinMe.Faith. We are getting ready to launch YouTube videos as well. I'm betting on YouTube as a great avenue to develop traffic.

Many marketers use their website to distribute their social media content through the social media share feature in JetPack for WordPress.

You publish your post like this one, and it distributes to the connected social media platforms when you make it go live. Your connected Social Media sites get your marketing material automatically with one click.

Not only that, your social media content links back to your WordPress Website, and you have control over content, unlike social media platforms.

Publishing using WordPress has other advantages like being able to track stats to your posts, and adding monetization to your site that comes directly to you.

I can help setup your social media distribution if you have a WordPress site, or I can build a new website for you that will link to your social media accounts. Use the contact me on the navigation menu and let me know how I can help you.