Over the last four months, my shoulder arm and neck have been subject to intense pain. I have taken painkillers, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories and a cortisone shot to the shoulder.

The Doctor warned me that the cortisone shot is painful, but I did not flinch. In fact, I knew it went in but it is no different than the constant pain in the shoulder, and what I feel in the arm most of the time.

Two weeks went by, and I fell on the steps going to my basement. I came down on the third step and went all the way down to the bottom.

I now have a huge bruise on the right hip, but more importantly, I lost 90% of the pain in my shoulder and almost all pain in the neck and the arm.

Three big pops came out of the shoulder over the next 24 hours. I panicked when I heard and felt the first one, thinking that excruciating pain is on the way, but it did not happen. The second and third brought additional comfort.

I go in on Monday for the MRI to determine what is next, and I will be happy to be rid of this problem.

No, I am not going to intentionally fall down more stairs to get rid of the rest of the pain! I admit, the thought came to mind.

So, if you have shoulder pain I am not advocating to fall down the stairs, but just saying it did wonders for me.

I will be excited to have my shoulder, arm and neck issues out of the way.