I've become accustomed to being vulnerable and sharing my feelings. Some may take this as weakness. The truth is quite different. Those who are in twelve-step programs realize the power of sharing. We turn our weakness into strengths. We help others who are struggling as well.

Being Vulnerable and sharing my feelings raises me up. I can face the world, knowing my secrets no longer define me. Free from being leveraged under threat others may find out.

We go from living in fear towards helping others who are vulnerable and fear to share their feelings. We can show them they too are no longer vulnerable and can move forward as well.

Sharing our vulnerabilities and feelings will not leave us in the past, but propel us forward to what God has in store for us. We are opening the door for Him to work inside of us, to do good. Let others see they are not alone, they have the same experiences as we do.

We are blessed with the power to change, to live today differently than any other time in life. Make the right choice, instead of the easy choice to hide perpetuating our fear.

On me being vulnerable and sharing my feelings

There are so many things that I wanted to do in my life but never tried for fear of being discovered. I feared that everyone would discover my struggle with Gender issues.

When I shared this part of my life, I embraced it but discovered that it no longer fit with who I am. The stronghold held over me dissipated, and then God put the right person in my life to break my connection and change my life forever.

I did not immediately become a follower of Christ at that moment, I did not even go to Church. Almost half a year later, I was invited into my Church where I began searching for answers as to why I was challenged with gender issues.

I read the Bible cover-to-cover and found that there was nothing really to answer those questions, but instead, I found purpose in my life. And, for years now, the Gender issues are no more, instead, I am embracing my strength as the man I am today.

I am free of my vulnerabilities and am able to show my feelings freely, and in masculinity. I have more peace, joy, and happiness in my life today than at any other time in my life.

No longer am I living a timid, vulnerable life void of expressing feelings and I am so thankful for God giving me the chance to finally live! I am so blessed with wonderful people who accepted me, so I could accept myself.

All this happened by being vulnerable and sharing my feelings instead of hiding in fear as I did for almost fifty years!