What does it take to be a peacemaker in such a divisive time in history? The challenge continues to mount as everything is controversial, including refraining from taking a stance.

Families are being ripped apart over philosophical differences. Friendships are destroyed because we think our position is a “non-negotiable,” and lives are being destroyed. 

I’ve decided to remove people from my life because they fail to respect my viewpoints and are unwilling to agree to disagree simply. They’ve gone so far as to say what I think is not okay and is non-negotiable.

Disengaging from a friendship is not an easy decision and is never done because we disagree, despite others thinking this is the case. It’s never done without going into prayer, but it is done when there is no clear path to agree to disagree.

The danger of damaged relationships only intensifies with the false idea that “Silence is compliance!” The statement is pure manipulation to strong-arm others into compliance with another viewpoint.

Let go of the ego and be a peacemaker

Our fragile egos keep us from being peacemakers on issues that have little to no direct impact on our lives. This happens when we are so strong-willed that we believe we are correct.

Thankfully, working through a twelve-step study changed my perspective on how I receive different viewpoints and is causing me to refrain from expressing my opinion as though it is the law of the land.

At the same time, the Twelve Step Study taught me to know when to walk away, let go and not argue when I won’t be heard. Instead, I respectfully disengage and move on.

More often, I can express my appreciation that others are willing to share a differing view without insisting that they see things from my perspective.

I even find myself learning from others interested in sharing their perspective and allowing me to digest their view, sometimes even changing my viewpoint. The difference between being a peacemaker is often an influencer and not a person trying to be a teacher or dictator.

I thank God every day that He is working on opening my eyes and my heart toward a better way to live. He’s diminished my ego and shown me how to demonstrate humility when I need it most. All this makes my worst day better than my best day before coming to Christ and working on my recovery.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. –

Mathew 5:9

I’m honored you read this far and blessed to have you here!