The other day, I wrote my first post about the new TV show, Barter Kings showing on A & E.

Today, I'm catching the next episode in line, where they want to trade for a custom golf cart, and a horse.

Is it possible to barter? Car dealers do it everyday, why can't it happen everyday?

If you're getting into Bartering, you have to understand what items are worth.

I've got great news, I'm going to tell you how I find out what things are worth!

I use eBay as my prime source for finding values of items. I log in, search for the item I want to know about, and then select “completed items.” I scan the items, looking for prices that are in green. I know those items have sold and I now know what people have paid.

This helps, as I now know what stuff is selling for. I can trade up in barter deals.

This is a great opportunity to get rid of stuff of value, especially when it's not selling. I can trade for something that I know will sell on eBay and get my money freed up.

What do you have lying around that you think is off value, but you don't have a buyer for? Why not make it available for bartering?

The Barter Kings have opened my eyes to opportunity I wasn't thinking of. Now, I can get rid of stuff that's sitting around and turn it into cash, with a few extra transactions.

Barter Kings, proves that people will trade for just about anything, it's easier than buying and you get stuff done!

Barter Kings focuses on products, but services are another great opportunity to trade.

If you want a blog, let me know what you've got, and I just might make a deal with you!