Bachelorette Ashley Herbert will likely pick William, the Cellular Phone Salesman who is the want-to-be comedian, after losing Bentley Williams from the show last week. You might think this is crazy after what happened at the comedy show but consider that she kept him in play this week.

William thought he really blew it after brutally roasting Bachelorette Ashley Herbert. I think the emotion that came from him showed sincere remorse for what he had done.  While you may of thought he needed to do some fast talking, ultimately, I think what he did was best. He didn’t bring any more drama into play other than what had been done with Bentley.

He showed her that he was extremely sorry for what he had done and that he thought she would be sending him home. She could tell that this was not what he wanted as he bowed his head in shame.

This guy is nervous, he’s trying almost too hard and he knows it. Fortunately he backed up and gave her space to think. So, I think ultimately Ashley is going to see a sincere guy here, and he’s going to be the one she picks. She’s seen him mess up and show regret. That will most likely be enough to seal the deal with her.

Some writers are commenting on Ashley Herbert’s insecurities and lack of self-confidence. I’m not so sure that these people are actually watching the show or taking the highlights only. Ashley has shown extreme self-confidence in facing her insecurities which she openly admits to having. She’s really an open person and will take the right guy to compliment this type of personality.

She’s a strong person that’s willing to hit her fears right where they count.

While this isn’t likely the post you thought you would find on my blog, my wife and I watch the show every Monday night. You have to take care of your spouse! So, why not write about it in my blog?