The previews show of The Bachelorette have Ashely, once again melting down. Even more interesting is the guys melting down as well. Will we see some aggressiveness?

I've been hard on Ashley with previous blog posts, and I still believe she's not ready to get into a marriage. She's got quite a bit yet to figure out, almost as if she needs to mature…

Ashley starts off on a date with Constantine going outside of Tiapei on an old steam engine train to a small village called Pingshei where they are having a lantern festival. They paint on the lantern that will be released later.

In the meantime Ben gets a date card to spend some outdoor time with Ashley. Fast forward and they are cruising around on a moped riding together. Riding on the moped limits talking time, which for some of the bachelors can be a big benefit to getting to the next level. They are safe from saying something that they shouldn't.

What's interesting is so far, the guys aren't willing to say they are falling in love with Ashley, even though they clearly are passionate about her.

I'm not sure that Ben should have said that his mother and sister have a significant impact on deciding who he should connect with. You would think that Ashley would want a man that makes up his own mind, regardless of what they say.

Ben being extremely open appears to have given him a significant advantage because he was able to spend all night with Ashley, not actually coming home.

The guys are going nuts, J.P. can't even handle it and has to leave the room. I think he's just a little bit too intense and could seriously hinder his opportunity to end up with Ashley.

Stay tuned for the next post, double duty tonight!