Chris Haddad is presenting “Niche Invader: Dominate Any Niche Overnight” during the third Affiliate Summit Session in New York City. This is a frank conversation on how to get high traffic topics like dating and weight loss to work for you.

Interestingly enough, the chosen niche examples are some of the most crowded in the affiliate marketing industry.  So why would a newbie blogger want to jump into one of the niche topics? Let's face it, these topics have a big audience.

My business partner targeted the weight loss industry, specifically using himself as an example. He decided he needed to lose weight and took pictures of himself everyday. He also made sure, he was losing weight by following a strict diet that he was representing. Nothing is better than showing real proof of success with photos and video, something John chow talked about earlier in the day.

Chris suggests the video sales letter. His video sales letter is displaying words on the screen while doing a voice over covering the text on the screen. He claims his conversions doubled when he started using the sales videos.

Chris pointed out that he has an extensive email list that he's developed and secondly, he's using Facebook advertising, which is good, but doesn't compare with working the email list.

Chris did say that he doesn't focus on product launches, so much as he does running affiliate contests where he gives a way a free iPad.  He claims that it works better than money or any other product,  even a MacBook Pro. He did add that the best prizes are things that people would want, but are not likely to buy for themselves.