Traveling offers you the time to work on the plane or in the hotel on projects free of distractions. Are you taking advantage of that time?

Imagine how much you can learn or get out of the way and when you are on the plane, you don't have anything going on anyway. Why not use it to maximize productivity.

Another option is to clean off your laptop while in the sky. Get your files organized and arrange your calendar so you know your schedule. The more organized you are, the easier it is to function and actually free up time for other activities.

I like to listen to podcasts, or books on audio in flight. It's amazing how much you can cover and it makes the time go faster.

I even enjoy listening to educational materials in the car when I am driving. If I happen to miss a point, I can just go back to it later. Doing so, actually reinforces my learning activity.

The next time you are sitting in front of your computer, take a look at iTunes and see what you can find. Pick something that you can learn from and get it on your iPod so you have it ready the next time you take off. It's amazing what you will learn.

You might even consider subscribing to the Internet Business Mastery podcasts. Their free and always come packed with information.

The lack of distractions makes for a very productive opportunity to get things done. I just wished I was flying more often than I do!