Do you consider yourself a productive person? Are you working all the time, or do you ignore work letting it pile up on your to-do list in your head?

Do you dream of having freedom to enjoy the fruit of your labor? Or do you find yourself working non-stop, sacrificing your personal life to achieve your professional goals? Maybe you work as little as possible so that you can hang out with the gang at the bar?

Twenty-four-hour playboys who inherit their wealth often blow through their inheritance, while those of you who work hard to earn your money will sacrifice personal relationships and justify it by telling your loved ones how hard you work. Either way, you're not as happy and fulfilled as you might be if you learn how to balance your productivity.

Balancing your personal and professional life is key to having an overall happy life. I believe those that balance their personal and working lives do better financially and are less likely to have a broken family.

Becoming a productive person

Becoming a productively balanced person is a challenge, requiring organizational skills that go beyond your work environment. You need to schedule your personal activities.

Right now you're probably thinking your own time should not be placed on the agenda, and I say you're wrong if you believe this. Scheduling personal time makes you more aware of how much time each activity deserves.

Planning your own time gives you freedom to book each activity with the time it deserves. You'll give each event the proper amount of time it deserves, and more importantly, loved ones will notice that you're giving them the time they deserve.

Productive people know how to get work done, and at the same time, know how to get the most of their personal time.

I know this to be true, as I've proven the model, despite slipping. Keeping focused on your design is every bit as important as scheduling all your activity. Stay on the bandwagon and get ready to change your life!

Consider this a first post on the topic of Productivity, and I'll continue to add knowledge for you to join me in making incredible life changes. Let's learn to live in the best way possible!