Apple or PC? Apple has dominated the market, but will they continue or is the reign once again coming to an end?

Quite a few people have invested in Apple products from the iPad, iPhone, Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro and Mac Mini.

Still consumers and businesses are buying new products everyday and Windows 7 along with the droid Operating system have made competition for the Apple Mac come on strong. So strong that Apple has cut orders for the iPad by 25% in anticipation of a new tablet that is to enter the market through which will be marketed under the Kindle brand.

Recently, I anticipated on switching to Apple Mac products, but after upgrading my desktop, and looking at new laptops, I have quickly changed my mind and will be sticking with the PC format.

The reason comes down to economics and performance for that matter. For about a quarter of the price, I am able to get a system that performs all the functions I would be expecting to be performed with the Apple Mac products. While, I won't have the brand name, I will be able to get my work done fast, efficiently and at an affordable price.

The Apple Macbook caused me to look closely as I liked the features and the minimal weight, but after looking at laptops in the PC market, I realize I can get the same features for considerably less, allowing me to build more performance dollar for dollar.

Apple Mac does have a significant advantage over PC when it comes to making a buying decision if you can afford to spend the extra money on the Mac, they are pretty basic configurations, unlike the PC market which has multiple processors, memory options. Picking the right PC requires some studying or relying on the advice of a knowledgeable consultant or friend.

Ultimately, I've done my homework and it's going to be PC for me. I guess I'll be one of the few at Blogworld and Affiliate Summit!