The day before yesterday was the day that my son’s Apple iPod touch arrived. Apple requires that an account be setup before downloading anything on the device. That means that you must have an iTunes account even for free stuff.

That wouldn’t be such a big deal, but you need to enter a credit card number to have an iTunes account. That way, they can charge you for anything your child downloads on the Apple iPod Touch device.

The last thing I want to happen is have my kid downloading music and apps that cost money on his Apple iPod Touch. He’s ten years old and he’s not ready for that type of responsibility and he doesn’t have a credit card of his own, did I mention he’s ten years old?

Fortunately, somebody suggested to my wife that we get a prepaid credit card for him. That way he’s limited to the funds available on the credit card, at least I think this is a case. Hopefully they don’t allow the download and then charge the card later.

Personally, I really don’t like the credit card on file with iTunes just to download music and apps. This isn’t right for a ten-year old, but it’s also not fair to him because he bought the Apple iPod touch with money he has saved up which is quite responsible for him.

Apple, is not likely concerned with this issue, after all, with shares selling at over $500 and being the largest company in the world, they can pretty much dictate how they are going to run their business. Consumers flock to their products like a cult and they have become an institution even with Steve Jobs having passed away.

So, we have the Apple iPod touch, a young man who’s going to get a prepaid credit card and have an iTunes account that he can download apps and music on.

Are you ready to tell me what to expect next?