Occupy Wall Street

Right now, we are making a huge mistake with the Occupy Wall Street protestors. We need to embrace these people not talk down to them—they know not what they do, they only are doing what their leaders have said and encouraged them to do.

Most people think it’s impossible to grow a business—and their personal wealth is not likely to move because they believe this. That’s led most of the entrepreneurs to shy away from opportunity, waiting for the economy to improve.

The problem with that is it won’t improve if the people who create new economies won’t act. We’re waiting until Government gets out-of-the-way; in the meantime, people who have no clue how to solve the economic crisis are running around changing everything they can to stimulate the economy.

The longer we wait to put our ideas into action, the worse the economy will get. The farther back the country becomes and the more likely that the Occupy Wall Street crowd will succeed at tearing down our Country as we know it.

Now is not the time to attempt to reason with unreasonable people, instead this is the time to create new and unique opportunities that cause followers to abandon destructive causes. We need to give these people, our Country better opportunities than the choices that they have now.

When I was a child, I thought anything was possible. As entrepreneurs, we have to be more child-like, remembering that anything is possible. Nothing that we see is set in stone, everything is negotiable. It’s time to make what everyone else thinks is impossible—possible.

If you’ve been an entrepreneur during good times, you know it doesn’t matter what the banks do, odds are they aren’t funding your business. You know that you’re not getting help from Government and you know you have to be creative to make your business work. Why not be creative now and make your business work?