In just a few short months, another great conference happens. That is Affiliate Summit West 2012 ( #ASW12 ) in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace . My first Online Marketing conference was this very conference and each time since I have gained substantial knowledge. Every time I attend, I learn substantially more than I knew before.

The first time that I attended Affiliate Summit West ( #ASW12 ) Las Vegas, I was in a room with hundreds of people. I used Joomla as my base to work on Affiliate Marketing and blogging projects. The session leader asked how many people were using WordPress and all but one person raised their hands. Then they asked for others such as Joomla and I felt like the idiot in the room. Right then and there, I knew I had to change my strategy and it was worth it. WordPress made a substantial difference in both results and effort. Much easier to work with and better performance for the tasks at hand.

Affiliate Summit West Las Vegas

The next time I attended Affiliate Summit ( #ASW12 ), I had better questions to ask. I was able to get more out of discussions and began to venture into other strategies, but the real benefit came in establishing friendships with people I connected with online. I now had circles to work in which helped because when your friends with top marketers, you get tips and strategies that nobody else gets. This group genuinely wants to help those that want to be helped.

Affiliate Summit ( #ASW12 )has gone above and beyond their calling to create a family of Affiliate Marketers all over the world. They launched Affiliate Summit Meetups which started out very loosely organized on short notice and has quickly grown into a powerful mastermind session where people share strategies. Serious players are connecting in the industry who are working very hard to bring Affiliate Marketing mainstream.

These are only a few reasons why Affiliate Summit is a must for any serious Affiliate Marketer. Of course, you have to come prepared to get the most out of it, as you would with anything else, but if you're really c omitted to building an Affiliate Marketing business, you have to participate in Affiliate Summit events. It's too costly to miss.