Yesterday, the inaugural Affiliate Summit Meetup happened in cities all around the world. This is an event that is planned to happen monthly, where people in the affiliate marketing industry are able to come together and network with each other.

The first Chicago event was hosted by Brian Littleton, CEO and founder of Shareasale, a well-known, Affiliate Program Management Company.

The Affiliate Summit Events have been fantastic, so I decided I would take part and drive in from Iowa. It was a four hour road trip straight through on Interstate Roadways.

I listened to a book that I’ve had for quite some time by Dan Kennedy and Maxwell Malt “Psycho-Cybernetics Revised.”  This is a great book for people looking to change their life. I can’t wait to finish it on the next road trip!

I pulled into Chicago early and found a parking spot in a lot down the street. Parking is still $20, it’s been that price for some time. I was surprised it wasn’t more!

I walked up the street to a place called Theory, which is a nice little restaurant/bar. Fortunately, the folks from Shareasale were already in place. I met up with Jason Rubacky, Affiliate Development Manager.

We chatted a bit, and then I met David Zelken, Director of Sales, who comes from a very entrepreneurial family. He told me about his dad who is in the hospital and is still making calls and doing deals!

As you can see, they had a great spread of food. The wings had a great aroma, but I passed as I didn’t want to get messy. Instead, I went for the mini Cheese burgers which were out of this world!

The program kicked off with a presentation by Polsinelli and Shughart, a Chicago based law firm on Nexus laws dealing with tax laws for transactions happening in certain states such as Illinois. Leave it to politicians and attorneys to cause us grief!

The rest of the time was spent making connections and having a good time. I met so many people, I look forward to following up and finding ways we can work together.