I’m always being asked what I’m doing now, after all I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years and that means that I’ve started quite a few businesses.

The latest opportunity that I have been working on has been to tap into the affiliate marketing business and when I tell people what I’m doing, they tend to have a puzzled look on their face.

I have to admit, I didn’t know what affiliate marketing was until I was

at West 2010 and it took me well into day two before I started to understand what they were talking about. I’m not sure if the vendors really took me seriously, when I said I had no clue what affiliate marketing was, but about half way through on the second day, it finally started to click. Of course, my wife would tell you that you have to spell it out for me to understand!

Given that I had such a hard time, and even more importantly, other people don’t get it when I try to explain it, I thought I would write an elevator speech that I could use to tell other people what I’m now doing.

So here goes my elevator speech on Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a form of being an independent representative of many brands, much like a vendor representative, and I market those through my blog and other sites that I own so that I will earn commissions based on performance of those online sites.

I hope that this proves to be a quick and simple elevator pitch on what affiliate marketing is all about. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, just click on the link and I will be adding content regularly to the category. You can also go to “How to Make Money” on the navigation bar and then select the “Affiliate Marketing” section under “How to Make Money”.