AdSense really does generate revenue on websites. It’s pretty simple, it has to be the easiest to integrate and you’re dealing with Google which is a great place to start with your marketing strategy.

Some clicks can pay several dollars, while others will pay only ten or twenty cents, but the important part is its quick and measurable.

Bloggers seem to go in stages of what they like to use to monetize their sites and recently, I’ve begun to see a swing back to Google AdSense for monetization. There isn’t a bunch of messing with it, you just set it and forget it.

Another benefit of using Google Adsense is the ability to use it on almost any site you have. You don’t have to go back to Google and tell them that you’re adding advertising to a new domain. It automatically monitors the content on the page and delivers targeted advertising.

I tend to mix the advertisements that I’m running. I like a variety, but lately I have been running Google Adsense on my blog because I have quite a bit of other projects going at the moment. It’s easy and it pays.

Consider where you place your advertisements. The best activity for my site seems to come from within the post itself. That’s where readers are most focused; it might be different on your site.

Google pays monthly, figuring about 60 days from the click and they deposit it directly into your bank account after you have hit the thresholds.

It’s a blast to watch the money add up when you have a post getting hit with a ton of traffic. Nothing is more motivating then watching the money roll in and you can do it with Google AdSense.

If you’re using StudioPress Genesis templates, you can easily post the AdSense code in a widget for display. It’s a great way to start out and if you’ve been working on  your blog for a while, you might consider coming back and picking up this profitable method of income.