A blog is a chance for the writer to freely expose themselves to the world as they are. They have no need to hold back, and actually have an opportunity to turn their fears into assets showing others that they too can overcome like-minded fears.

The best blogs that I read are written by people that have overcome huge obstacles in their lives. It's a credibility thing that allows readers like myself to see what's possible, after all if these people can overcome what was in their path, I surely can overcome anything standing in my way.

Don't worry about losing your audience by exposing your fears. They don't know the real you and without building a strong relationship with them, chances are you're never going to get the results you're looking for.

Reveal yourself and you'll find an audience that is willing and excited about reading what you have to say. It's your job to show them where you're at and how you're growing with each day.

When you reveal your fears you'll want to show your readers how your facing them and what you're doing to overcome them. You want to show your reader that they too are able to overcome any obstacle that you have overcome and they will keep reading.

The more fears you expose in your blog, the greater the chance your reader is able to relate to you. When they relate to you, the more likely they'll convert on any offer that you produce as they will trust in what you have to say.

Think of it this way, when I sold cars on eBay, I always made sure the vehicles I sold came with one minor blemish that I could disclose. Sometimes I even had to make up a blemish when I couldn't find one. The blemish gave me credibility with my customers. They trusted because I disclosed what other sellers wouldn't and they always felt the car came better than represented in the listing.

The blogger should always be willing to display a blemish.

My answer to writers block? Write about what you fear…