Accurate Thought is a challenging process that successful entrepreneurs depend greatly on to make their business work for them. They first identify what is fact from opinion and then determine what information provides value versus information that is fact and has no value. Discovering what is fact from opinion or fiction sometimes lends itself to be very difficult.

Recently, a video was released; appearing on Jay Leno showed President Obama kicking a door down after answering questions from the press that annoyed him. The truth was the video was an edited video, but after watching many times, I could not see transition from what really transpired to what was inserted. With talented video editors, watching video proof doesn’t prove much anymore.

If we are to properly use the art of Accurate Thought, we need to trust but verify everything we see or hear. Having bad information will severely damage our outcome when we rely on that information to accomplish our goals.

The news media is another place that one would at one time rely on to deliver fact, but now we have to take everything being reported as opinion type news, listening to several different sources to put together what the true story is. It’s as if reporters live by their ideals rather than just the facts.

We all may fare better by simply listening to those that represent themselves as opinion based news right from the start. Chances are you’re likely get a better picture as they aren’t representing their view is the way it really is, but their view is the way they see it. Many times, this type of news will show you how others view it as well and then you can make your decision from there.

Ultimately, once you have deciphered fact from opinion and then relevant facts from useless fact, you are able to move forward towards your Definite Chief Aim.