I've got great news! I have found a way to create a successful blog in just 90 days from the date I buy a new domain. In fact, I've found a way to make a blog profitable in just the second month. Of course, to duplicate that, you're going to have to do the work yourself, but it's quite doable.

Blogs often fail because the blogger isn't tenacious enough to stick with working their business. They get started but get discouraged quickly and give up before they even get started. This is likely due to unrealistic expectations on their part. If they knew what they were aiming for, they might stick with it, at least long enough to get a taste of some success.

The next group of bloggers fails right after they get their first taste of success. They get a post indexed in search engines and see some traffic and then feel like they've accomplished their goal. They think they can take a day off as they have now become a known quantity. That's a huge mistake.

Two problems arise when you take a day off… 1) You lose momentum, and 2) you lose readers. Momentum is necessary to take your blog from being good to being outstanding. Most people are into good enough, but few are into hitting the home run.

Readers don't stick with blogs that are inconsistent. They lose interest and they forget about you. That's why you need fresh content everyday, preferably multiple times a day. That keeps your readers coming back for more and ultimately makes you more money faster.

Another issue that causes blogs to fail is lack of a great foundation. Readers are loyal to blogs that answer the questions they have on the target subject and it keeps them coming back. In fact, blogs with great foundations are the ones that get recommended over and over.

Bloggers make serious mistakes when focusing on trends alone. They tend to write about the same stuff that everybody else writes about, making their blogs redundant.  That makes ranking for highly competitive search keywords and phrases nearly impossible or at the very least, a never-ending battle to get to the top. It's also the way most “SEO” experts drive their clients.

It's critical to get history into your blog and build your foundation. That gives you relevance that your competition doesn't have, no matter how long or how old their blog is. If your content is deeper and more complete, you will ultimately rise to the top.

New blogs are not likely to rank for the targeted keyword in the first 90 days, but you won't have to worry about it because you're ranking for keyword phrases instead which give you a reader that's looking for the specific content you have. That's more valuable.

Of course, your goal is to rank for your keyword that you've targeted. Stay tenaciously focused on achieving that goal along the way, but enjoy the success that comes from building foundation first.

This is Post 1 in 90 Days to a Successful blog