Today is the 4th of July, and it happens to be day 1 of my new agenda to share my journey towards a healthier, better life. My journey has nothing to do with the holiday, other than I am launching on holiday. 

Making 4th of July or Holiday's significant not a good idea

I’ve shied away from marking holidays with significant life events, for the most part, to keep from marking something that is meant to be filled with joy that could end up in disaster. 

For instance, I would never propose on holiday if I were to propose marriage. I wouldn’t want the memory tied to the holiday. No, I don’t have any plans to propose marriage again, but just saying, for example, that I would not make such a proposal on holiday. 

Now that we have that out of the way, I can get down to business and share that I walked three miles this morning. This is by far the most I have walked in the morning ever, and I did a video while walking.

My poor health is apparent, which I failed to realize until watching the video I made during my walk. I should have been aware given that my health app is reporting a score of 31, which should be at least 39 for my age.  That and seeing mystery self in a few pictures taken over the last week make it readily apparent that changes are in order.

A Better Life through Slow Changes

I plan to make these changes slowly based on healthier eating, physical exercise, and, most importantly, focusing on the Holy Spirit to guide this journey. I won’t be introducing supplements or a diet plan to make this happen. We will stick to the fundamentals of health and exercise to make this happen.

My focus is not on reaching the desired goal but on changing my daily lifestyle and focusing on taking baby steps toward a healthier way to live.

Part of the process includes better organization in my life, disciplined activities, and working towards better relationships with my family and friends. There is a lot on the plate, but streamlining and delegating are on the task list to make the necessary changes to live better than ever!

Here’s to a new and exciting journey toward a better life!