The SEO Site Clinic at #ASW12 features experts Rae Hoffman-Dolan (Sugar Rae), Kenny Hyder, Michael Martin and Taylor Pratt. The attendees give the experts their web addresses to get a review and recommendations on how to improve the site.

Participants get solid advice on how to improve their websites.

Here are recommendations from the experts

  • Shopping carts should not be indexed
  • Search pages should not be indexed and should be blocked
  • Images should have alt text to help identify images in search
  • Merchants should have a different data feed than affiliates have
  • Merchants should have shorter descriptions for Affiliates giving them the opportunity to rank higher.
  • Use only 1 H1 Title tag on each page
  • The title tags should be hand generated and different than the breadcrumbs on the site.
  • Keep your title tags under 70 characters with spaces
  • Keep descriptions under 150 characters with spaces
  • 301 pages that are old and need to be removed pointing them to relevant pages.
  • Exclude search pages from being indexed in Google.
  • Shopping cart customers should be encouraged for reviews even offering them a discount code
  • WordPress SEO – Do everything he recommends
  • Have you blog on the same domain as the rest of your website. Don’t isolate it from the main site.
  • Have content on the home page that is not the shopping cart.
  • Don’t make me think by Steve Krugg – The more questions you make a user ask the more likely they are to leave your website.
  • Mobile user agent detection – tells your site that it’s a mobile phone accessing the site and redirects to the optimized page.
  • Redirect www. To non www. Pages or vice versa but don’t have both to save from duplicate content.
  • http and https needs to be set to one or the other but not both.
  • How to correct Canonical issues. Find Plugin for wordpress called forced https://

As you can see, this group of experts covered a tremendous amount of information in just one hour. The bullet points are great topics to search on and to look at with your site.

I’m going to dig in deeper on each one of these in the near future and will update this page with links to additional posts covering the topics.