Unemployment has now went up again, the economy is not doing what the politicians said would happen. Supposedly natural disasters are hindering the recovery, but in the past, natural disasters lead to a surge in economic activity as the rebuilding process costs money and creates work to rebuild. The truth is that something just doesn't add up.

The way to solve this problem is through local Entrepreneurs who are serious about creating new business that will employ people who are their neighbors and community. We live in the communities and we know the needs of the communities better than people outside of our homes.

Unfortunately, local community puts leaders in place that don't understand the Entrepreneurial community and are unwilling to look at a long term growth approach, instead opting to say how they have created jobs by pulling companies from other communities while offering incentive packages.

What if the communities instead offered incentives for local people to create new job opportunities inside the community with local citizens?

Why not put money into seeding local entrepreneurs in start-up facilities with incubator facilities setting them up with office space, computers, desks and professional talent such as marketing, operational experts, administrative assistance and legal advice.

That would create an entrepreneurial edge that other communities don't have.

Ultimately, it will take a private/public partnership to make something like this work. Still, if a city took seriously a program like this, they would see entrepreneurial talent seek out the community.

Don't think it would work in a Midwestern community? Wrong, you only need look to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to see entrepreneurial activity will flourish in the community as banking Entrepreneurs have done in that community.

Entrepreneurs can't wait for political leaders to make the necessary changes to get out of the way. They don't know how. We need to rely on ourselves to solve the current economic issues.

Bring on the Entrepreneurial activity.