Mark Zuckerberg photo by Robert Scoble

Rumor has it that Facebook will file for an IPO. They are nearing 500 shareholders which require public reporting so Mark Zuckerberg is finally willing to reap the benefits from doing the IPO. Impressive is the run this 27-year-old has done with the eight year old company.

When Facebook IPO’s the game changes and the question will be does he have the skills to run a publicly traded company? Who knows, maybe he will want to move on and do something else with his time and money. That would likely be my decision if I was in his shoes.

Many times throughout the growth of Facebook have challenges come that are equal to the task he’s about to face. Each time, for the first time, they are as difficult. The reason is the challenges are new, uncharted and are a stepping stone to the next level. Once we go through each of these, the next time seems far easier.

Another thought that I take from this is we all have it inside of us to build something bigger than we believe possible. We have to stretch our imaginations and take a leap of faith. Every time I have done so, I’ve experienced something few know. It’s so liberating to carry out what others don’t think you can do.

Be serious, would you have ever thought in your life that a guy would be taking a company public at age twenty-seven knowing it could be the biggest IPO in United States history and with an evaluation taking it to as much as 100 Billion dollars? I doubt it.

Great Entrepreneurs are found every day just like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Bill Gates and others who have yet to shine. Sometimes they come later in life, while others blossom early.

There is lessor known stories, but still every bit as big in their minds as these are in yours.

Just believe in yourself and become the next great Entrepreneur.