Fathers day is an honor my dad has had for over fifty-five years, and right around father's day is the day he celebrates his birthday, along with my sister, who landed on the same birthday. That's a lot of Father's days to rack up, and even more, birthdays as he will celebrate his 90th on the 23rd.

My Dad's Ship - USS Wichita CA-45

The USS Wichita is the ship my dad cruised on during World War II. He fought in Okinawa and Nagasaki, Japan among other places.

The experiences that have come before his eyes are incredible, from World War II as a young man, fighting in Okinawa, and Nagasaki Japan. He's seen many things, quite many that he's never shared with us when it comes to war, I've had to learn through Internet research, something I wish I would have done long ago.

And, as a kid, my dad hauled me every place and even got mad at me a few times. I remember vividly one incident that he probably would like me to forget today, as it happened on a Friday night going into the races at Hawkeye Downs.

Every week, we went to the 1/2 mile track, which was dirt then, and much more exciting than today. We would also travel to other places, like West Liberty to watch races during the week. And, I am digressing, who would be surprised by that?

We came up to the ticket counter, as I had just turned twelve years old, meaning significant ticket price increase, when the lady asked how old I am. Of course, My dad says eleven, and I chime in saying, no I'm not! I'm twelve years old!

He turned to me and said, “You're eleven, not twelve” and I began to argue with him, to the amusement of the ticket lady, until my dad finally gave in and paid the higher price.

As we walked away, he turned to me and told me “You're not going to the races anymore!” Geez, I get busted for telling the truth, something that has been known to happen throughout my life, but more importantly, the following week, we were at the races and no longer eleven years old.

I know I let you down on the day you tried to save a few bucks; you'd probably trade those few bucks for all the other big bucks incidents I've cost you throughout the years.

And while I enjoy the humor in that episode, I am so thankful to have a wonderful dad like you who no matter what accepts me for who I am, without question! How many people have a dad like that?

And one more thing, my dad has always wanted to get on the Internet, but my mother put the brakes on this happening, so I decided to honor his request, and put him on the Internet! His picture is attached to this post! Happy Father's Day Dad!