Entrepreneurs often start their business without taking the time to become an expert in their chosen field. Making this huge mistake might take you to bankruptcy before you even get started. Take the time to become the authority.

Your customers have to believe you offer a solution that meets their needs, that requires that you're a credible source they can trust. If you haven't built that relationship, your customers will likely continue to do research to find a source that they do trust.

Your strategy should be relationship building with others in your specific industry, you want to become known as someone that offers solutions and is not simply another fly-by-night that will be here today and gone tomorrow.

In every successful start-up I've done, I first learned all that I could. I painfully went step-by-step through the entire process and acted as the customer, the vendor, and the employee in every role. That gave me the ability to speak with true authority because I understood the process from every angle.

When you take the time to learn every roll in the niche, you will identify what your market is willing to buy and what they might like, but won't pay for. This is critical to your success, as one simple change may mean the difference between incredible sales and no sales.

People want to do business with the person that has authority in the industry. They more strength you project, the better your customer base will be. While you're not likely to get all the customers available in the industry, getting the best customers should be your goal.

Remember, your niche is not what you're selling