Will Empire Avenue become a real stock market that trades on Social Media Value? Given that your online brand is becoming the reality, it just might be proof of what professional value is of a company or even a personality.

The fact is that Empire Avenue is a great way to build your brand, drawing attention to how much or how little time you spend working on a social media channel. The more effort you put into your online presence, the stronger your value becomes.

The site is monetized through a currency called Eaves. What if we could turn those Eaves into real dollars? That would be a true testament as to your brand value. It would work the same as real stock markets do. You’re essentially trading on brand reputation and performance.

While this might be seen as gambling, you can expect that online gambling is just around the corner with congress sure to bring this to the forefront in the next few years. It might even be the opportunity the politicians are looking for to turn the economy around and pay down the deficit.

Personally, making a bet on something that you have data to back is far superior than making a bet in some casino where it’s totally on a whim.

Empire Avenue More Legit Then Penny Auctions

Penny auctions have popped up in great amount, I can’t help but think that this is gambling as you have to pay to make a bid, which to me is a bet that you will be the last person to big (bet) and win an item at a reduced cost.

To me, trading in a stock based on social media and branding value is a safer option than getting caught up in the penny auction craze. Still, I’m glad that the company hasn’t done this, but hope the potential for a future exchange will happen.

Still Don’t Get Social Media?

Empire Avenue gives you the opportunity to understand what the whole gig is with Social Media. By interacting, you will develop the knowledge that you need to really understand what is happening and you’ll be more likely to engage in online branding opportunities.

Don’t think it’s worth the time? Don’t be foolish. It’s definitely worth the time. When major corporations are getting on Empire Avenue such as Audi, ATT, Dell, Swatch and others, you’ve got to realize that the site is more than just a game. It’s real and you still can be part of the early adopter group, however that window is closing.

When you join, make sure you check out my value and consider making an investment in me. My Empire Avenue Ticker is e(KIRKTAYLOR)