I woke up this morning, looked in my email and I had a new message from Blogger Syndication, a company that syndicates blogs to thousands of other websites. This email had a different ring to it, and sounded like an interesting way to generate traffic for my site, so I decided to investigate further.

The email talked about the potential to develop traffic by syndicating the content from my blog, much in the same way that radio, TV shows and newspaper columnist are syndicated. Every article syndicated includes a profile and link back to my website. The idea is to create an opportunity for readers to click through and read similar content directly from my site.

I visited Blogger Syndication and read through their help file as well as looked up a few sources to see if I could find negatives to participating in syndication.

There are some people that believe that Google will penalize you for syndicated content, but that's not the case, at least not anymore because Google now allows a meta tag that reports your sites content as original content and the other content as syndicated via your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed.

After reviewing the information that I found on the subject, I decided to go ahead and get signed up. Getting started was extremely easy with a simple sign up form and then selecting categories and sections that your content is best suited for. Blogger Syndicate quickly loaded my feed and I was able to put categories and keywords to each article. They also feature a broad match.

I'll be anxiously waiting to see what kind of traffic the new program creates and will report back to you when I have more data to share. If you want to learn more about Blogger Syndication you can visit them at http://bloggersyndication.com.