Entrepreneur Liz Strauss is Co-Founder SOBCON and If you have been involved with Social Media, chances are you know who Liz Strauss is. If you're getting into it, she's a great person to get to know. While I've never met Liz Strauss in person, I'm sure I will in the not so distant future, I can tell you she's connected both personally and professionally to some pretty big players in the industry.

In fact, Liz Strauss is a big player in the industry. Out of Chicago, she works all the social media angles and is very generous to anyone that is connected to her, no matter who it is. She gets social media.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't have a conversation with her on either Twitter or Empire Avenue, but I might even catch her on Facebook. She would be somebody that you would include in early adopters and she's always willing to help if you you're up to asking a question. She's got your back.

Liz Strauss is the co-founder of SOBCON, a conference that happens a couple of times a year in different places where virtual connections meet face to face.  It's essentially a Mastermind that works through business models in social media. She's able to pull in some top notch people such as one of my favorites, Chris Brogan to present in her conferences.

So you might wonder what SOBCON stands for, and Liz offers an in-depth explanation on Successful-blog, but in short, it stands for Successful and Outstanding Blogger. The CON doesn't mean you were in prison, it means conference!

I would highly recommend connecting with Liz Strauss as she is a great person to have on your side. She's been generous to me, and I wanted to do something, writing this post about her, to show her that I appreciate her help and support.

If you happen to connect with Liz, let her know that I sent you and give her a big thumbs up!