For the past three years, many people, including myself have faced some pretty heavy economic challenges. Imagine my surprise when I went to Affiliate Summit West for the first time and found a group unfazed by the current economy. They were having elaborate parties thrown by Affiliate Marketers who are some of the best in the industry.

Fast forward to today and you’ll see if you attend the Affiliate Summit West 2012, the same thing that I found three years ago when I first attended.

All of these Affiliate Marketers continue to do well when most of the country is doing poorly even though many of them did poorly in life before becoming active in Affiliate Marketing. Many of them came from broken homes or came from other countries where poverty is extreme.

Most Affiliate Marketers are not college educated, instead they are street smart entrepreneurs who know how to capitalize on opportunity. They think outside the box creating solutions based on life scenarios. They know what consumers are doing, they are themselves the target audience.

The Affiliate Marketing industry is one of the fastest, if not the fastest growing opportunity in the world. Consumers are becoming more engaged, looking for targeted content on the subjects that are important to them. They want experts to guide them in their purchasing decisions. If you know what you're talking about, consumers will buy on your advice.

I see opportunity for a great future in the industry, and that’s why I work so hard to build on my virtual real estate. I’m building a lucrative future where I have minimal cost and will be able to reap the rewards of my efforts.

Anyone who is struggling financially, or even with doing work they hate to do has opportunity, huge opportunity in the Affiliate Marketing industry and should consider attending an Affiliate Summit event.