Newbies want to know when will you make money with your blog. You probably asked it the moment you thought about blogging.

The answer depends on you, your topic, and the effort put into developing the blog.

Engage Readers with images and video – Make money with your blog

Admittedly, I don't do a lot of videos, but I should. The engagement rate increases with video product, as well as good images included in your blog posts. Of course, the reader is really after your content, but photos strengthen the credibility of your content.

#Momentum is critical to your success

Like him or not, Donald Trump talks about momentum in his book, “How to get Rich.”

He shares a story of a developer who does well, sells his company, and then repurchases it only to fail. Donald runs into the man shortly before his death, having lost everything, the guy tells him, “Never lose your momentum.”

Lost Momentum – Make Money with Your Blog

Admittedly, I've lost momentum working on my blog, which kept me from making big money while blogging. Still, I make money with this blog, not the kind of money I would prefer but I do make money blogging. Maybe I will get the momentum back, and if you decide to blog, don't lose it.

Blogging is a Business – Make money with Your Blog

Treat blogging as a business, and you will make money with your blog faster. Develop a plan that makes sense on paper, and then put it to work. Treating your blog as a hobby will keep you from making money anytime soon.

Tell people what you are doing through social media, interactions at events and with other people who either blog about similar topics or are in your industry.

#Use Competitive Material to Share Your Spin

Take a look at the competitive blogs covering your marketplace. Do the posts make sense to you? Do you have a different spin on what the author is sharing? That's how I created this post.

I read a competitive post and realized the opportunity to say so much more, and to say it better than what they shared.

Take advantage of what other successful bloggers write when you offer a unique perspective. It helps to write better and more frequent blog posts.

Be honest – Be Credible – Make Money With Your Blog

Be honest, be credible and make money with your blog. You don't need to tell a bunch of lies or fake who you are. You can make money by being humble. Too many people try to create an image that doesn't exist, and while some people buy it, the majority do not. It never lasts unless your genuine. Protect your reputation and protect yourself when you blog.

I know this does not give you a specific as to when you will make money with your blog in the way you would like. We haven't even discussed how much you will make. That's because, in business, you have to plan and forecast. Sometimes you hit the forecast, but most times it falls short when starting out.

Blogging is a business, and you should expect to work it like a business adjusting as you go and reap the reward for hard work after you put effort into your passion.

Blogging should never be about the ability to make money with your blog, but the journey to create something great, something you own and are proud of offering to your audience. Do that, and you will find the money in blogging.