When I was just nineteen years old, I decided to start a limousine service. I had no job, no money and not much knowledge on how to operate a business.

Even though I lacked practically everything necessary, I had tenacity, passion and confidence. I was determined to do what I had sat out to do.

I went to the bank to get a loan for a limousine. I met with the loan officer who told me I needed a business plan and then the bank would consider a loan. I didn’t catch on that in a very nice way; he was telling me the bank was not going to give me a loan.

Given my ignorance, I started writing a business plan. I went to the library; the Internet didn’t exist, and began researching what a business plan entailed. I put it together and placed it in a binder. That plan is sitting in my desk drawer, twenty-five years later.

Once I had it completed, I returned to the bank. The loan officer’s face cracked a smile, and then he told me I really needed a co-signor.

I only had one question, why hadn’t he just said so.  He knew I was mad, I’m sure he understood. Still, I never got the loan but that didn’t stop me from getting the limousine.

I worked to find a cosigner, which proved unsuccessful, so I found another car to buy. This one needed quite a bit of work, and I knew how to get that done. The owner agreed to sell the car on contract if I could come up with insurance.

On to the next obstacle, I couldn’t even rent a car. Remember, I’m nineteen years old and asking a company to insure me with a commercial vehicle. Agency after Agency told me there was no way I would find a company to write my policy.

It got so bad, that everyone in town was ready for me as I contacted them. I went through thirty companies, and finally found one that would write my policy. The thirty-first company made a great deal. I never had a claim.

At just nineteen years old, I was in the limousine service business. I did what most people only dream about. I did what everyone said I wouldn’t do.

The next time you have self-doubt about what you can accomplish, picture a nineteen year old kid who owns his own limousine service.

Ask yourself, “If he can do it, why can’t I?”