Using an iPad Pro 12.9″ in place of my laptop. The good and the bad. Is it worth it?

I bought my iPad Pro 12.9″ abut a month ago in order to replace the laptop. Switching from the MacBook Pro to the iPad Pro is a big decision.  I do have moments I prefer the MacBook Pro.

I love how thin the iPad Pro is compared to the much thicker iPad Pro. The kids can watch movies holding the iPad Pro anywhere, which is nice.

The main challenge is having the IOS operating system instead of the OS X operating system. I am working with a screen comparable to the 13″ MacBook Pro screen with the mobile Operating System. I do prefer the OS X operating system, however, I am getting more used to the IOS system.

The Apple Keyboard is my choice, however many Other options exist.  The aftermarket keyboards provide greater flexibility, but I like the quality of Apple.

The Apple keyboard is very thin, and is close to the screen, unlike on the MacBook Pro which gives you a wider keyboard and some distance away from the screen. The Apple keyboard for the iPad Pro only has one position for the screen. The MacBook Pro lets you change the angle.

Using an iPad Pro gives you a touch screen

The iPad Pro is a touch screen, while the MacBook Pro is not, but you can get the wonder bar, a feature that doesn't excite me.

Charging the iPad Pro is done with an adapter that is more powerful than the one that comes with your iPhone. I made the mistake of thinking they were the same, and burnt up my iPhone plug. It wasn't until I went back and opened the box to find the correct charger, which uses the same mini-thunderbolt connector cable as the iPhone.

I love the iPad Pro, but I would love it even more if I had the MacBook Pro as well. But, if I had to do it all over again, I would opt for the iPad Pro. It is versatile and easy to carry with me, has the touch screen, the power of a laptop in the thin size of a tablet. I'm sure that I will love it even more as I get to know how to better use this piece of equipment.