Just over a month ago I launched a new blog focused on the hit TV show, The Shark Tank. The blog took off and is doing well, it’s indexed in the search engines and many of the people who are on the show are sharing comments on stories written about their appearance.

A couple of weeks ago, I invited fellow blogger and friend Rob Merlino to partner with me. He’s a great writer and sees things differently which makes the blog all the more interesting. We’re continuing to develop it and are already planning other ventures like this one.

There are other blogs focused on The Shark Tank but none of them are going as deep as we are. We preview and review the Entrepreneurs appearing on the show and plan to extend the content to include people who wanted to appear, but didn’t make the cut.

The Shark Tank TV series has millions of viewers every Friday night. Even the reruns have an incredibly large audience. We’re fortunate to have some of the Sharks sharing our site on Twitter which helps to build traffic to the blog and we’re very appreciative for their kindness.

It’s extremely exciting to take a brand new domain and drive this kind of traffic in less than six weeks through natural search and indexing. Sure, we’ve used social media but none of our efforts have come from paying for traffic.

The Shark Tank posts on this blog will be migrating over to the new blog which will cut the amount of traffic to my personal blog until I come up with another topic that attracts the same kind of attention. From what I’ve learned, I believe that It won’t be long and I’ll know what the topics is.

I’m confident that if we work even harder, we can drive more traffic faster, but we have to take a break sometime! If you haven’t checked the new blog out yet, go to my Shark Tank Blog and see for yourself. It’s been fun building it and the future looks fantastic.