Entrepreneurs are often not able to raise capital, not because their product or service is bad, but because they fail to establish the necessary relationship investors. They don't know that their resume is not enough or even necessary to get buy in to their business.

Investors really don't care what your resume is, what they care about is your ability to make them money. You have to show that you have the skills to convince others to buy your product / service and you have to show them that this can be done while making a profit.

It's all in what you are selling to the investors. If you are desperate for money the investors will quickly see that you are looking to change one debt for another, but show them that you are so excited about the opportunity and you are looking forward to making lots of money, well the investors are going to be knocking on your doors.

Raising capital can be compared to courting a mate. You have to show them what your future is, not what your past is. You want them to see possibilities, not get a history lesson.

Investors want to work with entrepreneurs that are action oriented and make things happen. They want to see bold moves that are calculated but offer potential for incredible profit.

You have to be a dynamic figure when you are pitching potential investors. They have to see and want to be a part of the excitement that you have. Without it, the investors are apt to turn and go as fast as they can. They want to see passion, sometimes to a fault that you are living, eating and breathing your business. They want to be a part of success, and you have to show them that you are about accomplishments.

Are you excited about what you are doing?