Ondrea and Marquez are the Dough Bar Creators who will appear on Shark Tank to present their protein donuts. They auditioned twice earning a spot on the show after the second audition.

The couple writes about how much time they have spent watching Shark Tank Episodes and prepping for their presentation. I am looking forward to watching them pitch the Sharks; they sound like the time spent will make an awesome pitch.

Season: 9 Episode 918
First Run: 2018/1/28
Shark: Alex Rodriguez, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
Company: The Dough Bar
Entrepreneurs: Ondrea Siniari and Marquez Fernandez

the Dough Bar makes Protein Rich Donuts

Protein Rich donuts typically lack flavor and are dry. Their donuts come naked, or without toppings on them. Instead, the toppings are packaged separately allowing you to control how much glaze or other items you wish to add to the donut. They let you control how healthy you want to eat.

The Dough Bar may run into an issue with Mark Cuban, the Shark that is into gluten-free products. The Dough Bar donuts have gluten in them. However, the website states that they are working on gluten-free donuts for the future.

The Shelf life of their donuts is eight days from the day they ship. If you can't eat them within their shelf-life, you may freeze them for up to three months.

The Dough Bar donates a percentage of their profit back to organizations focused on childhood obesity and diabetes.

Body Builders and fitness fanatics are buying donuts from the Dough Bar. We are getting some reviews of the donuts on YouTube, and a non-body builder person said they would eat it again. A bodybuilder is trying it out and says the Maple Bacon one takes the cake! Calorie wise, you can't beat these donuts according to the review.

Another review has a woman saying the Recess Peanut Butter is not bad at all, with the guy saying these are good, and you can't beat the Macros.

What will the Sharks say about the Dough Bar?

The real question is, will the Sharks take a bite out of the Dough Bar? I think that the business is a solid niche business, but I question the ability to scale, given the shelf life. The donuts are expensive, and specialized towards the fitness world. They will have to have some incredible sales figures and the ability to scale to land a deal with the Sharks. Good luck, but I don't see a deal happening with this company despite building this lifestyle business.