What's up with The Bachelorette, Ashley talking the guys into having wedding photos done for a date? Does she come up with the most bizarre dates ever?

While I think Ashley is a sweet gal, she's taking the bachelors through a painful experience. Not only that, J.P. was fortunate to be the only one to wear a decent tuxedo. The other guys had to painfully wear get ups that quite frankly are embarrassing.

Lucas came out and said he felt foolish sitting in the corner, even though he was in traditional Taiwan garb. He actually let her know this. What a way to bring down the moment. Is he serious about her, or is he not sure?

Probably serious, but he needs to lighten the moment and just go with the flow. I think he's at serious risk of being sent home. We'll see.

Ames is a surprise that he has survived this far, but he's easy going, doesn't seem to get bothered by anything. Quite frankly, I expect him to be going home tonight, but if he survives, he could be the guy. She said she doesn't know anyone like him, he's truly unique. That's either bad or good.

One thing for sure, is he is working to win her over.

J.P. is so jealous that he can't handle it. He's actually admitting it to Ashley. Can he handle, it? Ashley is getting the rose and she's giving it to J.P. I'm surprised…

Next up is Ryan. He gets a one on one date. He said he's finally calm that he got the single date and there is no rose on this date, so the pressure is down.

Ashley doesn't want to go further and meet his parents. She said she doesn't know how to deal with this. Ryan's about the environment and Ashley is not passionate about the things that he's passionate about.

She's clearly going in a different direction and she tells him on the date, it's not happening. He's clearly crushed, but she didn't want to let him down in the Rose Ceremony.