I would categorize successful bloggers as entrepreneurs because there is a tremendous amount of creativity that goes into building a blog. You have to constantly be innovating the way that you speak of what you do and most people outside of your readers will not get what you do.

Successful bloggers have learned the art of leadership and motivation because they are able to build a blog that attracts a great number of people who constantly come back to get the latest words from the blogger.

Successful bloggers may not say they work very much, but that's because they are doing what they love to do, so essentially what most people consider work is what they consider leisure. When you're getting started blogging, you do have to consider the amount of time it takes to make your site and blog a successful business.

You have to ask yourself is this something that I want to do, realizing that I'm not going to make money for as many as three to five years? I know, you might think that you'll be making a decent living before then, but most bloggers like entrepreneurs in any other business don't ever make it out of the gate.

Many bloggers are willing to quit without actually applying themselves to their blog. They think they've worked hard and gotten nowhere. Their partially right, they've gotten nowhere, but most bloggers don't know how much goes into building a successful blog.

Sure, there are thousands of affiliate marketers and bloggers willing to tell you how to make your blogging dreams happen, but they don't often teach the details to really get you into action.

If you're thinking you're going to start blogging for money, you best write a business plan with a complete and detailed strategy on how you're going to make a living.