Success in Affiliate Marketing or any type of business depends on understanding what prospects want and then evoking their emotion so that they will get what they want.

Black Friday is the perfect example of understanding what prospects want and evoking an emotion to get it.

“”Earn $80 in Best Buy reward certificates on any first- time Nustrisystem 28-Day program order.””

Success in Marketing

Stores open early and offer a limited quantity of the season’s hottest items to entice prospects to line up hours before they open. That builds the want to have and creates the emotion that it’s possible to get.

The stores win with this strategy. They know that once prospects get inside the store,  emotion will kick in and even though they missed the product they wanted, they buy anyway keeping them from going home empty-handed, even when the checkout line taking up to an hour or more.

That proves that want and emotion is powerful stuff. When we find the want, we need to feed the emotion, showing our prospects that it’s possible for them to get what they want.

Information marketers understand this. They put packages together designed to target the desires of their prospects and then they engage the prospect emotionally by limiting access to their product.

Information marketers get prospects to take action because they don’t want to miss out on a deal, even though most will never actually use the product after they buy it. It doesn’t matter to the marketer because they fulfilled their end of the bargain.

Fitness centers are another group that understands the want to look and feel great. They play on our need to get in shape enticing us to sign up for monthly membership. They oversell their facility because they know that most members will never use the facility, yet they still get paid.

Think about it. Success in Affiliate Marketing or any business depends on understanding the desires of your prospect and then invoking emotion, causing the prospect to take action.