Nobody lives without experiencing fear, absolutely nobody. Some of the strongest people act out of fear which ultimately becomes their downfall. It's my fear that has caused me to discuss the subject here.

Fear needs no definition, you need not ask what it is—we all know fear too well. Our fears might be different, but it works much in the same way. While other people can remove symptoms for us, it's only our personal efforts that truly eliminate fears once and for all.

Fear lurks hiding behind us and rears its ugly head when we are least prepared to deal with it. It steals our sleep at night; it causes us great pain and stress. Conquering our fears requires that we first identify the source and not focus on the symptoms.

Admitting our fears takes courage, but having others point out our fears and being willing to accept those truths takes even more courage.

Are you ready to move forward and conquer our fears? I think I'm ready, so let's get started:

Learn everything you can about the source of your fear. Knowledge is the basis you will use to neutralize and make your fear irrelevant. Learning more about what you fear will set you up so that you are able to organize the knowledge you acquire.
Find your closest and most trusted friend, asking them to confront you about your greatest fear. Have them tell you the truth about your fear. Remember, your friend is not your enemy; they are genuinely interested in helping you to overcome your fear.
Organize your knowledge and assemble a step by step process. Each step will not have more than one action that is simple and requires minimal effort to accomplish. No single step should be dependent on or require the support of another action to complete, if it does, break the step down into separate steps that may be completed independently of each other.

With determination, we can take the steps above and turn them into a force of power that will change our lives. When that power establishes itself inside us, we're able to destroy the fears that controlled us to this point.

Tomorrow will be a new day with new opportunities for making our life everything we want it to be.

When you conquer what you fear, it has no power to harm you. When you're willing to face it and take the consequences, you'll often find what you fear was nothing compared to what you thought it would be. And if there's truth in what you fear, then the truth shall set you free.

What could be better than that?