Startup Entrepreneurs have discovered how to brand themselves using Reality TV as a catalyst—and it works!  Practically every business showcased gets a considerable edge over their competition.

Shark Tank is a network based show in the United States, spun off popular Canadian show, Dragons Den, which has run for seven years.

The U.S. show has continued to grow in popularity and will most likely return for another season.  That can only be good news for entrepreneurship as we need more avenues to showcase our talents.

Numerous Entrepreneurs have applied to appear on Shark Tank, but don’t hear back from them. Those that do often wait up to a year and then are given short notice when selected.

Other shows appearing on TV are primarily on the cable channels such as Discovery, TLC, Speed TV, MTV and DIY. These shows center around one small business, such as Pawn Stars (Las Vegas), American Pickers (Iowa), Chasing Classic Cars (East Coast), West Coast Customs (California) and many others.

Each show develops a cult like following and finds fans visiting their locations as well as building extensive clientele from the notoriety.

So how can this impact your business?

Simple, this is the first year that TV sales have actually dropped. You might think this is due to the economy, but the primary reason is more people are spending their time online and less of it watching network or cable television.

The online world has attracted more attention because you’re able to watch video at blazing speeds while having real-time interaction.

Blogs are becoming a necessity for business to be competitive in niche and local markets.

Bring the combination of online video and blogging and you’ve got your own real-time online reality Internet show.

This is the future of marketing products and services. You’re targeting specific customers by creating an instant celebrity profile in your niche market.

The whole time you’re able to put a program together with minimal expense and maximum results.

Before you think it’s too technical for you, think again. It’s not.

Sure, there’s a learning curve, but what marketing strategy doesn’t come with a learning curve?

Keep reading this blog, I’ll keep writing and start thinking about what you would do on your own reality online show!

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