Do you look for Simple Blog Posts? I don’t most of them are packed full of fluff to make them long enough causing the blogger to lose track of the original idea. What if we all simplified our thoughts and made the post reader friendly?

Jeremy Shoemaker, an iconic blogger who’s the poster child of successful bloggers wrote a post on why most bloggers don’t last. He made the point that many bloggers make their posts far more complicated than necessary.

He also stressed that he’s averaged 1.2 posts a day, an achievement that almost every successful blogger shares with him. When you write that much, it’s easier to stay consistent and keep your thoughts on track with the blog topic.

He also states the average life span of an affiliate blog is about 1 year with about 200 posts, which is way higher than what I thought. That means that many bloggers are putting some serious time and thought into their blogs before they give up on their work. What if this group spent a little more time doing homework, a little less time writing? Would they have been successful?

I ask myself that question because I have followed the path that many of them have with one exception. I never quit, instead I focus on obtaining more information that improves my abilities.

Simple Blog Posts helps the reader to stay engaged. Explain ideas instead of forcing the reader to research words or strategies outside the post to understand the post and consider ending the post with a thought-provoking idea that causes your reader to come back for more.

Was this a Simple Blog Post? Do you need to spend time elsewhere to understand what I’m relaying to you? Lastly, will you come back to read other articles that I write because you found this one valuable?

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