Why you should blog for personal and professional reasons….

Have you thought about how many people have a blog? Start asking your friends. Do they have blogs? What about your competitors in business? You might be surprised how many people have started a blog for personal or business use. Blogging is a main-stream activity that people use to express themselves.

You may already be blogging and you don’t even realize it. If you use Facebook, you are blogging. Did you know that when you post on Facebook, you have given them rights to your post? They own that content. That’s pretty scary when you think about it. You have another option to sharing your thoughts and you don’t give up ownership.

If you have a personal or professional blog in your own hosted account, you now own the content that is on that site. You are not giving up rights to your thoughts making this a significant opportunity.

You still can post on Facebook, giving a headline and then linking to your post on your own blog instead of dumping everything on Facebook. If people are reading on Facebook, chances are that many of them would click-through and read on your blog.

Setting up a blog is inexpensive, even when you have your own web hosting account. For a few bucks a month, you could register your own domain, host a WordPress blog and express yourself.

businesslike, blogs give you a way to communicate with customers in a casual way, more comfortable approach. You give the people you aim to work with a picture of who you are as a person making you more likable than your competition.

If you find yourself getting into it more, you can buy a custom template to give your blog a unique, professional look, again, with minimal cost.

We are all about relationships and blogs give you a way to build bonds with other people who want to learn more about you. Think about a blog, sooner or later, you’re likely to do your own.