Shelton Wilder doesn't secure a deal for the Shemie on Shark Tank and is no longer working in fashion, at least clothing style. She is now a realtor, and it looks like a lot has changed her life. She's come turning away from alcohol, closing down a company that she had with her best friend, and attempting to a launch again using Shark Tank.

The Sharks did not give her a deal during the show as Shelton Wilder is all over the map, but reveals her situation during her presentation. Some of the Sharks like Kevin O'Leary and Daymond John are hard on her to get to the bottom of the problems with her deal.

Shelton has great passion, and it appears she is doing well with real estate.

Season: 4 Episode 407
First Run: 2012/10/25
Shark: Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec
Company: Shemie
Entrepreneur: Shelton Wilder
Ask: $60k for 20% equity
Deal: No Deal

Shemie foundation garment presented on Shark Tank

Now, getting back to the Shemie, Shelton created a layering foundation item for her clients who she shopped for since sixteen years of age. She doesn't have the inventory necessary to sell her product and asked the Sharks for a sixty thousand dollar investment. The sharks felt that she overvalued her company is only six weeks into her business.

The Shemie is a slip type item, designed to be comfortable, unlike most shapewear. It is a foundation piece to work with other clothing items. She came into Shark Tank with a verbal agreement for Nordstrom's to carry it in one of their stores, and hopefully more but has no official sales in her new company.

Her old company, the Sheltenie had $150,000 in sales over eighteen months, but she closed the business because she wanted a fresh start. The Sheltenie is also known as an alcoholic drink, and she needed to break from that brand for recovery.

The Shemie founder, Shelton went through rehab and came into the Shark Tank sober for two years and eight months.

Miss Wilder also informed the Sharks that she wound up going bankrupt after the previous company, to which Kevin O'Leary responded that she should have just come out with that in the beginning because in some ways this would give her more credibility than someone who does not have her experiences.

Shelton asks Lori if she would wear the Shemie, to which Lori responds, yes, but there are similar products out in the marketplace. Lori encourages her to keep going with the Shemie but tells her she is out.

Congratulations Shelton, on your new, found passion in real estate.

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