The Self-Professed “experts” who are pushing the get rick quick programs lead you to believe you put up a website and start making money. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Successful Professional Bloggers work long hours and most spend years before hitting a home run.

Over the years, I’ve learned that we Entrepreneurs aren’t very good at setting expectations. In this case, I’m aiming to change that by sharing realistic expectations instead.

Some times, the “coach” sets realistic expectations, but the student choses to ignore what the coach says, instead the student ends up with loftier goals. That’s not a good game plan. Always opt for the conservative numbers so you spend more time focused on building your business and less time looking at your numbers. After all, you can’t get rich observing, instead continue working your business.

Now, I can’t tell you how many times I hear the “Make Money doing X” types say that they only work a few hours a day.  That’s kind of like your friends saying, you aren’t overweight when you can’t get out of your chair. If you’re making big money in this business, it’s because you’re working for it, even if it’s not in an ethical way (which is something that I don’t teach or condone).

Professional Bloggers doing well, often say they only work a few hours a day, if that, because they love what they do and they don’t consider it work. Personally, I work all hours of the day and for the most part, I love what I do. It’s still work to me…

Now, I make a claim that I have a plan that has proved profitable in just the second month. I’ve accomplished that because I’ve figured out how to build blogs with minimal expenses, while creating revenue. That’s allowed me to not only cover my expenses, but actually take in positive cash-flow.

That doesn’t mean that I took a paycheck, I didn’t. My business partner and I were able to take a small payout from the company, but certainly not enough to live on. The third month has doubled what we accomplished in the second month, and it looks the fourth month will again double the previous month.

The fastest way to profitability comes through creating a plan with reasonable expectations and then cutting your numbers in half, the same way Investors do when considering putting their money into start-up companies.

Stay tuned for the next post in 90 Days to 100k visitors